Tips on Organizing Your Home While Sheltering in Place

Tips on Organizing Your Home While Sheltering in Place

This video outlines five tips on organizing your home while sheltering in place or any other time really. No matter what you are doing at home these days, it’s a good time to organize so I have 5 tips.

Start with one task at a time.

There’s an opportunity to use your time at home for things you wouldn’t normally have time for in your pre-coronavirus routine. Cleaning, organizing and reflecting on your material possessions will help you feel productive.

We’re all going to be aware of the things that we really need. We might find out that some of the clutter we’ve held on to for years…does nothing for us even when we’re living through this crisis. That tells us it’s OK to purge and make space for other necessities. On the other hand, we might find out that we need to make space in our homes for items we never thought we needed until now.

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